This weeks Guide Note

Time Change of Guides:

Thank you so much to all those parents who made it to our parents meeting last week. The outcomes of the meeting saw that everyone was okay with moving guides from 5pm-7pm on a Tuesday night to 6pm-8pm for the next two terms. Due to Inala and Biami’s university placements neither of the leaders are able to be at the hut for the 5pm time and their studies need to come first. So for the remainder of this term (up to the school holidays) guides will remain at the normal 5-7pm time slot. From the first week of next term (Tuesday 11th July) guides will run from 6pm-8pm and we thank you in advance for your understanding!


Sunday 11th June

On Sunday the 11th of June we are running a day of activities here at the hut for the girls. The day will run from 10-2pm and will be at no cost however we ask that the girls bring their own lunch. If you are able to make the day we ask that you fill out the permission for attached and return it next Tuesday so we have a rough idea of numbers! For those girls doing their Junior BP’s or BP’s this day will go along way to marking off some of those clauses and also working towards starting our back to basics guide training that will be happening throughout next term!


Text message reminders, Facebook and The Guide Website

Inala has started as of this week doing text message reminders to parents. This wont happen every week just when they are needed as we discovered last week there are a number of parents who aren’t getting their notes. If you didn’t get a text from Inala this morning please let us know so that we can add you to the list!


If you haven’t already liked us on facebook. “Burleigh Girl Guides” to stay up to date with info and see photos of what the girls have been up to and our weekly notes and other info is posted onto our Burleigh girl guides website