What Brownies, Guides and Rangers Do

Our Mission is to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self respecting, responsible community members.


Guiding is about having fun and learning new skills that girls will use throughout their lives. Unit programs are developed to meet the needs of each girl and will vary depending on the unit. Leaders develop programs in line with our Promise and Law and mission statement of Guides Australia.

Brownies do a vast variety of different activities from rock climbing, fire twirling to cooking, and sewing. Programs are selected by the leaders taking in account the age and ability of the group.

Brownies camp once a year  (in cabins) usually third term. They will have sleepovers at the hut during the year,

Guides Like brownies Guides do activities from the adventurous to the more usual cooking, craft etc. Programs are selected by the leader after consultation with the unit.

Rangers program themselves with leaders helping them in the right direction


Being part of Guiding  also means you are willing to give service to the community. Each girl is asked to give service to her ability. Guides and rangers are of course expected to give more of   themselves than brownies do. Giving service is part of the guide promise and a big part of the guide program, learning to give to others and the community and to think of othersBServiceFlash_s_7ca321474fc96683

Parents are asked to encourage girls to turn up and take part in service activities. Remember our children will follow the examples set by us parents


2016Some activities are huge and are held yearly or bi yearly

Jota or Joti

This is run in October and is the Jamboree of the airways or the internet.

This gives the girls chance to talk to guides and scouts all over the world via ham radio or the internet .Stations for this activity are set up around the country and Palm Beach often has our own base at the hut.


Water Hi jinks and land events

Is run bi yearly on the Gold Coast . A fun day involving canoeing, swimming, rafting and great land activities for all units on the coast.