Parent Handbook


To help get the most of the meeting times, it is important that we are able to start on time each week. Please drop your daughter off on time and if you wish to speak to leaders please do so before or after the meetings.

While leaders are always happy to speak to parents you will understand that our first priority must be the safety and well being of the girls. Leaders are always at the hut 30 minutes before the unit begins to talk to parents or you can ring them at home.

Please arrange to pick your daughter up on time. Leaders live over an hour away from the hut. Leaders are volunteers and need to be able to get home to their families.

Girls especially brownies do become very upset when they are the only ones left to be picked up. So if you are held up due to an emergency etc. please ring the hut and let us know so we can reassure her

lost propertyLOST PROPERTY

All property should be clearly labelled with girls name. Any lost property will be placed in the Lost Property box in the hut and will be cleared at the end of each term and added to the second hand uniform pool. Please check this box if your daughter has misplaced any item.

Girls are encouraged to be responsible for their gear and leaders do not take any responsibility for lost items of clothing or uniform.


Jewellery should not be worn to brownies or guides. While it is understood some brownies like to bring along toys etc. to show leaders and patrols, leaders can not take responsibility for personal items. Maybe mum could bring it at the start to show and then take them home to keep it safe.


All girls are asked to inform leaders if they are unable to attend a weekly meeting.

Places in the unit cannot be guaranteed for more than 3 weeks if leader have not been informed before hand that the girl will be returning .Just a quick call to say your daughter is not well or is on holiday etc will guarantee her place when she returns.

emergencyEmergency contacts

This is VERY important. Please let leaders know if there is any change in phone numbers and addresses.

Also if there is any custody problems. Leaders will not allow a child to leave with anyone that they have not had approval from the custodian parent. If you intend for your girl to go home with a friend ( or grandparent etc) please make sure the leader knows of this arrangement.


Family information will be kept confidential. It is however important for leaders to know if there is a   custody order in effect or changes in the family situation. family information

A new baby, family break up, new step parent are all common in all families and leaders can quietly slip a program in the unit to cover dealing with these things.

Learning or physical disabilities are NEVER a problem. Leaders are trained in a variety of common disabilities. Guiding is for every girl and this should never keep your daughter from attending camps or events.