Membership and Fees



Subs are paid weekly and pay for activities during meeting time Subs are $5 per weekFIVE DOLLARS.jpg

One dollar of this money goes to Management committee   the rest is used within the units to buy activity equipment and craft items etc. Budgets are worked out by the term and girls are expected to pay for weeks they do not attend.

Every cent of these are used tfor the girls benefit and if the leader finds she has a surplus she will use them to give the girls an activity at a reduced price

Subs can be paid by the term for your convenience



This year membership is $155for the first year Then yearly fees are $130

This fee is paid annually and runs for twelve months from the day your daughter joins. The fee covers   insurance , State and Federal administration costs. None of this money stays with the units.

No girl is allowed to participate in activities, camps etc. without membership as she will not be covered by insurance.


ARE CHARGED AS PER EVENT. Leaders are very aware of family budgets and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible for upcoming events.

Camps etc are not compulsory but of course the more the girls participate in these activities the more they will gain from their years in guiding.


Parents are asked to assist leaders by placing all money paid in a named envelope with the girls name   ,unit ,and what it is for clearly printed on the outside.Envelope

If paying by cheque please make all cheques payable to GGA .When paying for more than one activity or fee by cheque, please state on the back of cheque what it covers.

Exact change is greatly appreciated by leaders as change can become a problem for 30 girls.