Badge work is optional, and while some are done in the unit to help girls get started most of this work is done at home. We encourage parents to help but not to take over this work A girl is expected to do HER best to achieve the badge . It really doesn’t matter if the spelling is incorrect etc .Your daughter will be tested on the effort she has put into the badge .The fact that they have put in effort and learnt something on the way  will give them a greater sense of achievement than if mum did it for her.


This is the highest Award in brownies and will challenge girls to the fullest. Girls doing this award need the support of her parents. You may need to drive them to different events and activities and even be involved in some of the events yourselfJBP-Award-Emblem1-300x146

The award is presented at a Region Presentation Day

Please speak to your leaders for more information.


Guides can challenge themselves in a variety of ways, through the different badge books. Guides have a slightly more interactive badge system and girls can help set the clauses and work they need to complete.

imagesPlease check with the leader for more information.


This is the highest award for guides and is an extension of the Junior B.P. though it is not necessary to have completed the Junior B.P. first.

The award is a great challenge for any girl and looks great on their resume .when looking for part time work.

Again parent involvement in this award is essential, not doing it but making sure your daughter gets to trainings and events needed to complete it.


Ranger badges and certificates are vastly different from guides and brownies and much of the syllabus is decided by the girls themselves and the unit Ranger Council , and leader.

Syllabus for certificates are found in the badge book and testers are appointed by the leader and Ranger Council

Queens Guide and Focus Awards

This is the highest award for youth members in the Association. The Queens Guide is made up of three parts – Gold Endeavour Challenge, Interest and Focus certificate.Queens2

Parents need to be involved heavily in this award as it is impossible for girls to complete without parent support and help. Transporting, encouraging and being willing to pay for training etc. This award is widely known in business circles world wide and is a great addition to any  resume , university application etc,


When your daughter is ready to be tested for a badge they should bring all information and completed work to the leader. She will sit with your daughter and check all clauses  have been fulfilled

Except for competency badges  ( first aid etc) girls are asked to do their best and each girl is tested on their personal ability.