Off to Camp


Girls are asked to pack each days clothes in plastic bags before putting them in the small school bag. This keeps dirty clothes away from clean. Your daughters have all had the going to camp talk so should be able to tell you why we ask for these things but if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the leaders


Each camp/sleepover will be different, please check your camp list for any special items  but the list below is a general list that is used for all camps.

Morning tea item – girls are asked to bring a cake, slice etc that can be shared for moring and afternoon tea. 

Girls are asked to stick to the kit list below and pack all items in a small school bag NO SUITCASES. Girls will fill you in on reasons for some of our rules but let me say they are all for the safety of your daughters.


  •    Hat – essential must be wide brim
  • Shirt preferably with collar
  • Shorts or jeans
  • Jumper
  • Underwear
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Hairbrush
  • Raincoat
  • Torch
  • Sit apon – explained below
  • Bedroll – explained below
  • Plate Bag – explained below


This is a must for Guide Camps, instructions on how to ensemble one are sent home with all camp information.  Don’t worry if you have difficulty doing it, just send your daughter with all items and we will teach her. You will need a small tarp, just larger than your sleeping bag, a small pillow, Blow up ones are great. Sleeping bag, and a scan of rope. Please do not buy expensive rope from hardware shop, a scan of washing line rope from Coles or Woolworths for about $3.00 is perfect for this.

Bedrolls are used for a number of reasons,

  • Stop bedding from getting wet if it rains when setting up camp
  • Stops bugs and creepy crawlies from getting into bedding
  • Stops girls spending hours trying to get their bags back into tiny little sleeping bag covers. (multiply by 30 girls you will see why this becomes a problem)
  • Teaches girls at least 4 different knots.

Check out this Youtube video 


Plate bags are drawstring bags (like a library bag) that holds the girls plates and cutlery, preferably cotton or nylon close weave not string bags please.

If you are making one, a pocket on the outside is a great addition for tea towel etc. But not essential.

In the bag should be.

  • Tea Towel
  • 2 Metal Knifes
  • 2 Metal Forks
  • 2 Metal spoons
  • 2 metal tea spoons
  • 2 Hard plastic cups with handles
  • 2 hard plastic plates
  • 2 hard plastic bowls

Check out this Youtube video 


This is exactly what it says something to sit upon.situpon

The ground becomes damp at night so girls should bring a small sheet of plastic or Plastic backed fabric to sit on. A garbage bag works really well for short camps like a weekend


A camp blanket is a great way for girls to keep their swap badge collections and keeps them warm at night doing activities or around the campfire.

Use an old blanket and fold the blanket diagonally and then fold again.

Cut a small hole ( really small remember it is four times as big when you open it) Check it fits over your head – you can always cut it larger if you need to.

Blanket stich around the neckline and start sewing on your swap badges.

camp blanket


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